Saturday, 2 July 2016

Adidas vs Puma Part 2

Todays adidas vs Puma looks at two mid-70s training shoes. Puma Fit were introduced in 1970 as an economy priced training and jogging shoe. The original was white with a black form stripe. The first Fit model with a yellow upper was introduced in 1976 courtesy of the French factory and a year later we were introduced to the Gold Fit which incorporated a new sole unit. Gold Fit were manufactured (with some variation) until 1980.

Gold Fit in 1977

Adidas Kopenhagen were introduced in 1976 and were one of many leather and suede training shoes released in this decade named after European cities. The first  run were made in Western Germany, before production moved to Yugoslavia where the shoe was produced until 1980.

Kopenhagen in 1977

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  1. I always wanted pair of this, yellow, especially because I live in one of six former Yugoslavian countries. Didn't know my ex country was involved in production of this beauties, the reason I want them more