Saturday, 24 September 2016

Addendum – back in July I posted an article about Universal made in Eastern Europe and whether they were real or fake. Well it appears Ebay and social media are awash with these models at the moment and some are of extremely dubious quality. Thanks to Dimmy Nail (who is of Yugoslav descent) for doing a bit of research on the subject. Sloga DD of Croatia did have an official licence to produce adidas products but lost the contract and continued to produce adidas shoes without a licence. In an article published in 2002 police seized stock from a number of stores in Croatia considering the goods to be counterfeit. So there we have it, be extremely careful of buying Universal without the proper markings, as you may well be buying a fake pair. Typically the fake pairs look quite shoddy (uneven stripes, poor leather, poor stitching) so use you judgement and look for signs of official authenticity and good quality workmanship.

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